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Red Burgundy Fourrier 2014 Vosne Romanee Aux Reas

[Duty Paid]

5 Bottle 75cl £55
Red Burgundy Fourrier 2016 Gevrey Chambertin Vielles Vignes

[Duty Paid]

1 Case 6 75cl £360
  • Domaine Fourrier
    Gevrey-Chambertin Vieilles Vignes
    Villages Red barrel
    Score: 88-90
    Tasted: Jan 15, 2018
    Drink: 2022+
    Issue: 69
    Note: from Les Champs Perriers in Brochon
    Producer note: Jean-Marie Fourrier told me that 2016 threw a "decidedly challenging growing season at us. I don't know if you can say that we were lucky but I starting plowing our vines on the 20th of April and when the frost hit seven days later, the vineyards that I had plowed better resisted it. Losses were highly disparate as we lost 60% in Chambolle, Gevrey was off between 25 and 30% yet Morey was essentially untouched. The spring though was basically lousy and it provoked a vicious attack of mildew. Just to provide some perspective, a typical season has 7 to 8 incidences of mildew yet there were 32 in 2016! Worse still, it was so wet that we couldn't get equipment into the vines so we had to treat manually with tanks loaded on our backs. Ultimately the spring closely resembled that of 2013 but with frost. The summer though was much better, in fact in a sense it was too hot as we did have some sunburned fruit though thankfully it was limited. We picked quickly from the 27th of September to the first of October and the fruit was pretty much spotless. Potential alcohols were quite good at between 13 and 13.5% with plenty of shot berries which of course helps to add concentration. Acidities were perfectly good but not as high as you might think given the lateness of the harvest. There wasn't necessarily a lot of malic acid but given how cold the winter of 2016-2017 was the malos were slow to finish. The post-malo pHs were on average about 3.6 with total acidities that were about the same. As to the wines, they're wonderfully fresh and bright and so delicious that I suspect people will have difficulty leaving them alone as they should drink well immediately." I have long been an admirer of the Fourrier wines and particularly so for their purity of expression and overall quality. As such I confess to being somewhat surprised by the level of wood on some of the 2016s. While there certainly appears to be sufficient underlying material to successfully integrate it over time, the style is a bit of a departure from what I'm used to seeing. To be sure I have had days in Burgundy where the wood just seems more apparent at every domaine and perhaps that's what happened here. See also the Jean-Marie Fourrier négociant wines immediately below. (Rosenthal Wine Merchant,, NY, USA; there are many sources in the UK including A&B Vintners,, John Armit Wines,, Goedhuis & Co.,, Howard Ripley,, Uncorked Ltd,, and Seckford Wines,; Pearl of Burgundy,, Hong Kong).
    Tasting note: A pungent nose of earth and wood leads to supple, round and delicious medium-bodied flavors that are shaped by relatively fine-grained tannins while offering good length on the balanced finish. This is sufficiently forward that it could be enjoyed young.

Tasting Notes
Red Burgundy Fourrier 2004 Clos Saint Jacques

[Duty Paid]

4 Bottle 75cl £300
  • Domaine Fourrier
    Gevrey-Chambertin "Clos St. Jacques"
    1er Cru Red 750 ml
    Score: 91
    Tasted: Oct 09, 2013
    Drink: Now+
    Tasting note: There is just a touch of secondary development to the otherwise gorgeously pure and still very fresh red pinot and raspberry fruit nose that is nuanced with hints of spice, crushed leaf and earth. There is good delineation to the supple and wonderfully complex flavors that explode on the strikingly long finish where some gas is in evidence; as such I would recommend decanting this for 20 minutes first. At to maturity, for my taste this has reached its initial inflection point where it could be drunk now with pleasure or held for another 3 to 5 years first depending on how much secondary influence you enjoy.

Tasting Notes
Red Burgundy Fourrier 2015 Gevrey Chambertin Les Cherbaudes

[Duty Paid]

1 Case 3 75cl £375
  • Domaine Fourrier
    Gevrey-Chambertin "Cherbaudes"  ♥
    1er Cru Red barrel
    Score: 91-93
    Tasted: Jan 15, 2017
    Drink: 2025+
    Issue: 65
    Note: from .67 ha parcel planted in 1940
    Producer note: Jean-Marie Fourrier told me that 2015 "was a relatively simple vintage to manage as the growing season was clement, dry and calm so there wasn't too much to do other than be vigilant. One of the aspects that I found so interesting was how stable the sugars and acidities were during the last week before the harvest as you almost never see that. We began picking on the 10th of September and picked through to the 20th. The fruit was incredibly clean so we were able to pick rapidly but also exactly when we wanted. Yields were reasonable, ranging between 27 and 33 hl/ha, which for us is neither high nor low. Potential alcohols were strong at between 12.8 and 13.3% and I did a very light vinification as searching for maximum extraction given how thick the skins were would have been a major mistake. As to the wines, I would describe them as being a blend of 2009 and 2010 with the ripeness and generosity of the former allied with the transparency, freshness and acidity of the latter." Fourrier rarely misses anymore and he certainly didn't in 2015 as there are any number of terrific wines in the range. While it's not surprising because it's the case with most domaines that have ancillary négociant operations (see those reviews under the name of Jean-Marie Fourrier immediately below), I would observe that the domaine wines are generally more consistent and, with only a few exceptions, of higher quality. (Rosenthal Wine Merchant,, Shekomeko, NY; there are many sources in the UK including A&B Vintners, UK,, John Armit Wines,, Goedhuis & Co.,, Howard Ripley,, Uncorked Ltd,, and Seckford Wines,, all UK; L'Imperatrice Fine Wines,, Hong Kong/Macau).
    Tasting note: This is notably more deeply pitched with its well-layered array of black cherry, dark currant, earth and wisps of forest floor. The suave, rich and caressing medium-bodied flavors brim with sappy dry extract that imparts a seductive texture to the velvety finish that is sneaky long.

Tasting Notes
Red Burgundy Fourrier 2017 Clos Saint Jacques Vieille Vigne

1 Case 6 75cl £2,100
  • Domaine Fourrier
    Gevrey-Chambertin "Clos St. Jacques"  ♥
    1er Cru Red barrel
    Score: 91-94
    Tasted: Jan 10, 2019
    Drink: 2029+
    Issue: 73
    Sweet spot Outstanding
    Note: from .89 ha parcel
    Producer note: Jean-Marie Fourrier told me that 2017 was "so much easier from a growing season perspective compared to 2016 even though we were luckier than most as we had less frost damage. The real challenge in 2017 was to control your yields, which was harder than it might otherwise sound for the simple reason that vines that suffered frost damage were very productive. We had an easier time doing this because of the very high percentage of old vines that our vineyards have. I chose to begin picking on the 7th of September and the fruit was largely spotless. Even so we did a careful sorting to eliminate any berries that weren't fully mature. Yields were reasonable and the fruit had homogenous ripening as potential alcohol only varied between 12.7 and 13.2%, which is perfect for the style of wine I want to produce. As to the wines, I would describe them as a happy surprise as I honestly did not expect them to be so good. Initially I thought that they would be on the lighter side as the skins weren't especially thick but as the élevage has progressed they had fleshed out and added weight. Moreover they have a kind of energy that makes them so refreshing that it just makes you feel like drinking them." I have long been an admirer of the Fourrier wines and particularly so for their purity of expression and overall quality. As the scores and commentaries will confirm, 2017 will do nothing to change my point of view. See also the Jean-Marie Fourrier négociant wines immediately below. (Rosenthal Wine Merchant,, NY, USA; there are many sources in the UK including A&B Vintners,, John Armit Wines,, Goedhuis & Co.,, Howard Ripley,, Uncorked Ltd,, and Seckford Wines,; Pearl of Burgundy,, Hong Kong and Macau).
    Tasting note: A more elegant and spicier nose consists of red and dark currant aromas laced with a plenitude of spice and floral whiffs. The super-sleek, intense and gorgeously textured medium weight flavors that are penetratingly mineral-driven display excellent depth and persistence. With all of those attributes duly noted, at this stage at least this is not necessarily more interesting than the Combe aux Moines though that of course could well change by the time these both arrive at their full maturities.

Tasting Notes
Red Burgundy Fourrier 2010 Griotte Chambertin

1 Bottle 75cl £925
  • Tasting note: A very densely fruited and overtly ripe nose offers up a variety of red berry fruit liqueur aromas that include cherry and raspberry as well as hints of earth, underbrush and a subtle note of wet stone. There is excellent intensity to the supple and extremely rich yet focused, balanced and beautifully well-detailed flavors that possess a caressing mouth feel. The structural elements are completely ripe and there is a really lovely underlying tension that runs the length of the wine and this embodies that most attractive of qualities, which is to say power without weight. This is brilliant and should age that way too. I would strongly advise decanting this as well.

Tasting Notes