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Region Producer Vintage Name Qty Unit Case Format Price Note Ratingsort descending
Red Burgundy Jadot, Louis 2012 Gevrey Estournelles St Jacques

2 Case 6 75cl £350
Red Burgundy Jadot, Louis 2011 Bonnes Mares

4 Case 6 75cl £750
Red Burgundy Drouhin Joseph 2017 Gevrey 1er Cru Clos Prieur

2 Case 6 75cl £450
  • Cask sample. Scented again like so many of these Drouhin 2017s, scented with dark-red fruit and a stemmy freshness. Peppery, firm, spicy and generous even in its elegant framework. Long and satisfying and fresh. 
    17+/20 Julia Harding (Nov-2018)

Tasting Notes
Red Burgundy Drouhin Joseph 2015 Nuits 1er Cru Proces

3 Case 6 75cl £245
Red Burgundy Jadot, Louis 2011 Vosne 1er Cru Chaumes

1 Case 6 75cl £285
Red Burgundy Jadot, Louis 2012 Vosne 1er Cru Chaumes

4 Case 6 75cl £275
White Burgundy Drouhin Joseph 2013 Puligny 1er Cru Les Pucelles

1 Case 6 75cl £525
White Burgundy Drouhin Joseph 2018 Meursault 1er Cru Genevrieres

1 Case 6 75cl £460
Red Burgundy Drouhin Joseph 2017 Griotte-Chambertin

2 Case 6 75cl £1,750
Red Burgundy Drouhin Joseph 2003 Chambertin

2 Bottle 150cl £495
White Burgundy Drouhin Joseph 2016 Chassagne 1er Cru Embazees

3 Case 6 75cl £350
White Burgundy Drouhin Joseph 2018 Beaune Clos des Mouches Blanc

5 Case 6 75cl £460
  • Jancis Robinson - Total vineyard area is 7 ha and picked over several days. Some barrels declassified to Côte de Beaune this year. Cask sample.
    Intense and lightly spiced nose. Gorgeously open mealy/lees creamy citrus. Fills the mouth with generous and creamy fruit. Moreish and fresh but with the rounded character of the vintage. Tight, precise and yet clothed in lees-rich texture and has power and depth – relatively soft though. (JH)

Tasting Notes
White Burgundy Drouhin Joseph 2018 Rully Blanc

6 Case 6 75cl £79
  • The 2018 Rully Village is missing a little intensity on the nose, which offers light malic aromas and a touch of wet granite. The palate is better, with light apricot and white peach notes on the entry and fine acidity. An easygoing Rully with a touch of nettle and spice on the finish.

    -- Neal Martin  Neal Martin 2020 - 2024 Jan 2020

Tasting Notes
White Burgundy Drouhin Joseph 2018 Chablis Reserve de Vaudon

10 Case 6 75cl £80
  • Maison Joseph Drouhin
    Chablis - Réserve de Vaudon
    Villages White 750 ml
    Score: 88
    Tasted: Oct 10, 2019
    Drink: 2021+
    Issue: 76
    Producer note: Note that all wines are labeled as Drouhin-Vaudon. (Dreyfus, Ashby & Co.,, NY, USA; Pol Roger Ltd.,, UK).
    Tasting note: A more complex if otherwise similar nose introduces slightly more voluminous medium weight flavors that flash a bit more evident minerality on the longer finish that also displays evident warmth. I like the intensity as well as the complexity though the warmth is not subtle.

Tasting Notes
White Burgundy Drouhin Joseph 2008 Beaune Clos des Mouches Blanc

1 Bottle 300cl £375
  • Tasting note: A very subtle reductive character knocks down the expressiveness of the lemon and pretty white flower aromas so I would strongly suggest decanting this for 20 to 30 minutes first. The detailed, pure and lightly mineral-driven flavors possess really lovely balance and fine length. If there is a nit it is that this doesn't possess the complexity of the best 1ers here though the track record of this wine is such that I wouldn't bet against it developing materially more complexity in the bottle.

Tasting Notes
Red Burgundy Drouhin Joseph 2012 Lavaux Saint Jacques

1 Case 6 75cl £420
  • Tasting note: This is really quite aromatically pretty with its fresh and cool aromas of red and black pinot fruit, earth, game and wet stone nuances. The sense of minerality continues onto the intense, delineated and energetic flavors that display noticeable wood toast on the lingering, dusty and mildly austere finish. This is firmly structured yet balanced and should reward longer-term cellaring if desired as this could be approached young too.

Tasting Notes
White Burgundy Jadot, Louis 2012 Bienvenues Batard Montrachet

3 Bottle 300cl £695
  • Tasting note: This is also quite elegant with its equally spicy nose of honeysuckle, yellow and white orchard fruit and citrus elements. There is a lovely vibrancy to the concentrated and relatively large-scaled flavors that possess good power on the markedly dry and somewhat compact edgy finish. As with the Combettes my predicted range offers the benefit of the doubt that the finish will flesh out and the dryness will dissipate with time.

Tasting Notes
Red Burgundy Jadot, Louis 2012 Vosne 1er Cru Petits Monts

2 Case 6 75cl £360
  • Tasting note: Here the wood is more moderate if by no means invisible as it sets off the overtly spicy and fresh nose that mixes both red and dark berry fruit aromas that display subtle menthol nuances. There is good punch to the supple and fleshy medium weight flavors that evidence plenty of minerality, all wrapped in a solidly persistent and well-layered finale. This should reward 10 to 12 years of cellar time.

Tasting Notes
Red Burgundy Drouhin Joseph 2012 Nuits 1er Cru Proces

2 Case 6 75cl £290
  • Rating

    (90 - 92)

    Release Price


    Drink Date


    Reviewed by

    Neal Martin

    Issue Date

    30th Dec 2013


    210, The Wine Advocate

    The 2012 Nuits St. Georges 1er Cru Les Proces has a wonderful, energetic yet sophisticated bouquet with vibrant red and black fruit married harmoniously with the oak. The palate is very smooth on the entry with supple, lithe tannins that caress the mouth. The acidity is well-judged with tart, dark cherry fruit interlaced with hints of soy, while the finish is focused and long. This Nuits Saint Georges has great potential.   

Tasting Notes
Red Burgundy Jadot, Louis 2017 Chambolle 1er Cru Les Fuees

4 Case 6 75cl £385
  • The 2017 Chambolle-Musigny Les Fuées 1er Cru has similar fruit intensity to the Les Baudes, although the oak is a little more vocal and therefore it does not quite have the same transparency. The palate is medium-bodied with supple tannin and a fine bead of acidity. This is quite strict and linear at the moment, showing good grip, although I discern more complexity and nuance on the Les Baudes.

    Score: 90/92Neal Martin,, January 2019

Tasting Notes
Red Burgundy Jadot, Louis 2014 Morey 1er Cru Clos des Ormes

3 Case 6 75cl £185
  • Tasting note: There is enough wood spice present to remark upon though not so much as to mask the pretty and airy combination of various red berry aromas that are sprinkled with earth and floral nuances. I like the refinement of the round, supple and attractively textured middle weight flavors that are shaped by firm but well-integrated tannins on the solidly persistent and well-balanced finale. In a word, lovely.

Tasting Notes
White Burgundy Drouhin Joseph 2016 Meursault 1er Cru Perrieres

4 Case 6 75cl £420
  • Pale, bright yellow. Aromas of mirabelle, dusty spices, crushed stone and smoky oak. Rich, plush, ripe wine with lowish acidity but good firming minerality. Thick, spicy and dry, finishing quite backward in the early going, even bitter-edged. This somewhat phenolic, brooding Perrières will need some patience.Rating: 90-92Stephen Tanzer, (Sep 2017)

Tasting Notes
Red Burgundy Jadot, Louis 2012 Clos de la Roche -

2 Case 6 75cl £650
  • Tasting note: A pungently earthy nose also offers supporting aromas of gentle wood, spice and both red and dark fruit components. There is excellent richness and body to the large-scaled, mineral-inflected and openly powerful flavors that possess plenty of tannin-buffering dry extract before terminating in a striking long finish. This is a robust and very serious effort that possesses excellent cellaring potential and note well that it will need it as this is presently a bruiser. 93/100

Tasting Notes
Red Burgundy Jadot, Louis 2011 Clos Saint Denis

3 Case 6 75cl £690
  • Tasting note: A tight and while not completely closed, it would be fair to describe as the nose of subtly layered and spicy dark currant aromas as highly restrained. By contrast, there is fine vibrancy and freshness to the silky and focused middle weight flavors that are shaped by fine grained if distinctly firm tannins, all wrapped in a wonderfully intense, mouth coating, impressively persistent and austere finish. This may be a Clos St. Denis of finesse but it doesn't lack for power or seriousness.

Tasting Notes
Red Burgundy Jadot, Louis 2011 Mazis Chambertin

1 Case 12 75cl £1,025
  • Tasting note: There is a bit more wood on the fresh and open sauvage-infused nose of both red and dark currant, earth and game hints. There is excellent volume to the very smooth and polished mid-palate of the broad-shouldered flavors that possess plenty of dry extract before culminating in a mineral-inflected, powerful and long finish. This moderately firm effort is supported by tannins that are ripe if borderline rustic. A classic Mazis.

Tasting Notes
Red Burgundy Jadot, Louis 2016 Chambolle 1er Cru Baudes

2 Case 6 75cl £350
  • 91-93 Burghound 

    Tasting note: A toasty nose features notes of menthol, spiced tea, red currant and a hint of cherry liqueur. The velvety, rich and seductively textured medium weight flavors possess the usual muscularity of a fine Les Baudes, all wrapped in a robust and even more structured finale that is long, balanced and very serious. I would not advise buying this high-quality effort without the express intention to allow it at least 6 to 8 years first.

Tasting Notes
Red Burgundy Jadot, Louis 2015 Vosne 1er Cru Suchots

1 Case 3 150cl £450
  • Tasting note: In contrast to the prior two wines this is aromatically much more reserved though aggressive swirling eventually liberates Asian spice box, tea, plum and violet scents. There is fine richness to the very suave and highly seductive medium-bodied flavors thanks to the abundant amounts of dry extract that impart a sappy texture to the lingering and solidly complex finale. This is both classy and stylish and built to reward medium plus-term aging.

Tasting Notes
Red Burgundy Drouhin Joseph 2017 Clos de Beze

1 Case 6 75cl £1,790
  • Maison Joseph Drouhin
    Chambertin-Clos de Bèze
    Grand Cru Red barrel
    Score: 91-94
    Tasted: Apr 10, 2019
    Drink: 2025+
    Issue: 74
    Note: 40% whole clusters
    Producer note: As is usually the case, I met with Véronique Drouhin who noted that the 2017 growing season "was much less eventful than its 2016 counterpart though this is not to say that we didn't have some drama, mostly from a late April frost scare. And instead of the heavy mildew pressure we endured last year, we did have a significant attack of bud eating caterpillars that cost us some yield. While it's hard to estimate with precision, it was probably around 10% of the potential crop. [Known in Burgundy as mange bourgeons or literally, bud eaters.] Otherwise the season was clement and calm and the healthy yields were able to ripen without difficulty. Despite this the véraison was extended and this made harvesting tricky as each parcel had to be picked precisely when it was perfectly ripe. Thankfully the weather conditions in early September were ideal and just as importantly they held all the way to the end of what was an extended harvest for us. The fruit was super-clean and notably ripe with better volumes in red than white. We used a bit more whole clusters than usual because as I noted the fruit was clean and ripe with good phenolic maturities. One aspect of the 2017s that is worthy of note is how much they changed before and after the malos and I thought that they really improved. Moreover, the malos did not unduly degrade the acidities so there is good freshness and energy to the wines. For us at Drouhin, 2017 produced classically styled reds that are good to very good but I would describe the whites as genuinely great." I agree with Drouhin in terms of her description of the 2017s and overall I found the quality here to be impressive and particularly so among the big houses. (Dreyfus, Ashby & Co.,, NY, USA; Pol Roger Ltd.,, UK).
    Tasting note: While not quite as aromatically complex as the GE, it's close as this also features a panoply of spice elements along with exceptionally fresh and dense red currant, violet and plum aromas. Interestingly the mouth feel of the middle weight flavors is super-fine, indeed almost lilting and delicate, with a relatively pliant if sneaky long finish. This is lovely if a bit atypical.

Tasting Notes
White Burgundy Drouhin Joseph 2017 Puligny 1er Cru Les Folatieres

10 Case 6 75cl £325
  • 94/100 James Suckling 

    Pale, green-tinged yellow. Captivating scents of white peach, citrus fruits, spices and noble Puligny herbs, lifted by a suggestion of anise. A pure, nicely balanced midweight with a very primary estery banana note and a saline nuance. Currently showing more intensity than dimension, this promising premier cru finishes slightly edgy but long. 

    -- Stephen Tanzer (90-92) Stephen Tanzer Not Available Sep 2018



    Release Price


    Drink Date

    2019 - 2029

    Reviewed by

     William Kelley

    Issue Date

    13th Feb 2020


    February 2020 Week 2, The Wine Advocate

    Opening in the glass with aromas of struck match, ripe pears, peach and buttery pastry, the 2017 Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Les Folatières is medium to full-bodied, fleshy and unctuous, with tangy acids and a comparatively fat, front-loaded style, emphasizing the ripeness of which the vintage was capable.

Tasting Notes
White Burgundy Drouhin Joseph 1996 Montrachet Marquis de Laguiche

1 Case 12 75cl £5,850
  • ONE CASE OWC 12x75 
    Maison Joseph Drouhin
    Montrachet - Marquis de Laguiche
    Grand Cru White 750 ml
    Score: 94
     Tasting note: Classic white burg aromas of immense breadth and depth feature white flower notes, minerals and knockout complexity while leading to big, rich yet delineated flavors that have near perfect balance. In short, this is flat out superb with an intensity, complexity, depth and stony minerality that is something special to behold as the length lasts for minutes. This this will easily hold for another 20 years, perhaps longer and based on mutiple recent bottles this appears to be close to having arrived at its full potential. Even so, 30 minutes of air before serving would be beneficial.

Tasting Notes