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Champagne - 2010 - Dom Perignon

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Tasting Notes

Dom Pérignon Vintage 2010 was a bold wager, the fruit of an unwavering commitment to expressing nature, coupled with the freedom that makes audacious endeavours possible. Dom Pérignon Vintage 2010 is a wager that has been won thanks to inspiration, and to the mastery, that comes from experience.
The passage of time has revealed the grandeur of this vintage of which Dom Pérignon is among the very few to bear witness.
With low temperatures, the beginning of 2010 offered a contrast to the rest of the decade. Summer was hot and rainfall rare. Everything changed in mid-August, when two months’ worth of rain fell in just two days. The heat and water caused generous ripening but required drastic sorting of the grapes. The sugariness of tropical fruit yields to a more measured freshness. The wine makes its full, ample presence felt. Its character unfolds, generous and firm - before tautening around vibrant, spicy notes. This energy extends to reveal a salty finish.
Dom Pérignon Vintage 2010 is the fruit of intuition and mastery, a mastery nurtured by experience, passed on and reproduced.
“I remember we had to battle our natural reflexes as winemakers and admit that part of the harvest – representing a full year of our labours – simply had to be sacrificed in order to save the best parcels, and try to make a Dom Pérignon vintage.”    - Vincent Chaperon, Chef de Cave
Following press tastings we have received strong praise for the vintage 2010.
“Gorgeous, amply toasty and smoky nose. Still holding back. The fruit is impeccably crisp and appetising but still the palate carries the best surprises. There is such volume and generosity but look at the acidity rolling in complementing the exciting textural dynamics. It comes with a superbly saline and perfectly pristine finish, leaving the moth satisfyingly refreshed, yet yearning for more. There is an appetising fluffiness to the mousse and the wine takes its 5g/l dosage effortlessly. This is undoubtedly is a Dom Pérignon that will keep on giving. 95 points with potential for 97.” – Essi Avellan